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Once you understand that the root cause of all our lifestyle diseases, and many of the mental health disorders, is a poisoning, you’ll understand why many of the various therapies you tried to get better, are utterly useless.

The latest findings uncovered the disastrous effects that “vitamin a” can have on our health and the question arises if this molecule might not be a vitamin at all.




The key thing to understand is that Vitamin A is not just a direct poison just at high doses. That is a myth. It can be a toxin at any dose. High doses equal the sum of many small doses.

It is well-known that Vitamin A can cause toxicity in humans and animals. It occurs when you have too much Vitamin A in your body. This condition, called Hypervitaminosis A may be acute or chronic. Acute toxicity occurs after consuming large amounts of Vitamin A over a short period, typically within a few hours or days. Chronic toxicity occurs when large amounts of Vitamin A build up in your body over a long period. Just to be clear here, what I am  talking about is not at all classic Hypervitaminosis A. No, it’s far worse because we deal with saturation levels.

This chronic Vitamin A toxicity is a slow build up over years and decades until parts of the body are near saturated. The body then remains in a state of chronic subtle overflow due to the saturation of what now becomes a toxin. Think of it like a bathtub, once it is full every additional drop will get the water to flow over. This process is so well documented and clinically proven, that we can consider it to be an absolute fact. So what could cause the head to toe self-destruction of the human body that we see with the autoimmune diseases? Well, it’s actually a well-proven, and well-documented (read my collection of studies) fact too. It is retinoic acid.

“The basic premise is that many Autoimmune diseases are caused by being in a chronic state of elevated storage levels of retinol, retinoic acid and possibly the carotenoid Vitamin A precursor”.



We all can tolerate a certain amount of this so called “Vitamin”. We’re built to handle a certain amount. But we started mega dosing this substance with concentrated pills and liquids, medications and skin care products, fortified foods, not eating seasonal anymore, and health food fetishes that often involve supra natural doses of Carotenoids (like juicing carrots). The liver quickly absorbs and stores away the Vitamin A.

At one point the liver can no longer quickly absorb and store our massive intake of Vitamin A, and it will remain in the blood serum longer. Our body’s dedicated and normal storage function is overwhelmed. The result will be sporadic or chronic excessive Vitamin A levels in the serum. Other systems and organs are now attempting to contain this overflow by storing the free floating Vitamin A in the fats. This secondary safe and natural Vitamin A wrapper buys us a little more time before our immune system responds with an attack.

But eventually all the fat stores are filled up and you slowly gotten yourself into a Vitamin A toxicity state.



I am a leading expert in the treatment and diagnosis of Vitamin A toxicity issues. Part of my blood test panel includes the serum Vitamin A (also called serum retinol) blood test. This is the only widely available blood test for Vitamin A, and when interpreted correctly (my ranges are much different from the “standard” ranges), gives me and my clients a good idea of what to expect, in terms of things like time and symptom intensity, during the Vitamin A Detox process. 

Hair Mineral Analysis and Blood Testing


This test is best done at the very start of working with me. If it is needed or wanted again later, that is decided between me and my client. To help you overcome this chronic state of “Vitamin A Toxicity” and getting your health back I have developed a special “Detox Program”. It includes foods lists, detox strategies, what to expect when detoxing, helpful tips and a membership in my private Blog Forum. Click the link below to purchase the membership.

If you would like to work with me in person you can choose one of my Nutrition Detective Consultation Packages. The personal program in these packages have the “Vitamin A Detox” program included.

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Here is what you get in the Love Your Liver, Poison/”Vitamin A” and Glyphosate Detox Program and B.A.D.-A.G. Protocol:


How to get Poison/”Vitamin A” out of your body for good, the most important detox processes that almost no one understands or applies properly!


There are many compounds that can “Agitate” Poison/”Vitamin A” in the system, stirring it up and increasing one’s suffering through the process, while not making anything actually go faster. Knowing about these REALLY helps the process go smoother!


When Poison/”Vitamin A” is floating around in your tissues and bloodstream, like it is right now and will still be doing so through the Detox, it is causing damage. Certain foods and supplements can greatly help protect your cells and reduce this damage as one goes through the process.


These are the food, supplement, and personal product lists to avoid on the Detox program. There is also a huge OK foods list, that has Poison/”Vitamin A” and Glyphosate Detox “superfoods” on it. The whole is more than the sum of the parts, and this Detox program is way more than just “low Vitamin A” food lists!


This section goes over how to avoid glyphosate, as well as the best science currently available in terms of using supplements to help detox it. More importantly, we cover which toxic supplements that are recommended on the internet to AVOID so you don’t trade fixing one toxicity problem only to get another one!



I do believe that insidious chronic Vitamin A Toxicity & Liver Disease may be at the root of nearly civilization’s rapidly rising autoimmune and chronic disease rates. Therefore, I have created a membership program on how to reduce the liver and tissue stores of Vitamin A with step by step strategies. The program includes foods lists, detox strategies, what to expect when detoxing, helpful tips and a membership community of hundreds of other people to share feedback on my private network.



Be part of a community where you’ll get to work with hundreds of other like-minded people searching for better, healthier ways of living and having a refuge from the toxic disaster of modern nutrition.

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