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Photo No1 - Hair Mineral Analysis Test


Hair Mineral Analysis Test

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  • Trace Elements Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test & Results

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“After 10 years of neuropathy following a right thyroidectomy, the hair testing program and supplements from Dr. Smith are the only thing that has taken it away. I have spent the last decade trying countless medical, natural and homeopathic remedies, along with acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga and other avenues, without success. I am so pleased to finally be free of this pain.”

Robert S.


"Hi Garrett Thought I would share this with you. Yesterday I had coffee with a friend who I hadn’t seen for about 3 months and she said whatever I was doing, to keep doing it!!! She said my skin looked amazing and that you would never know that I had kids as old as they are (I was 29 when I had my first one, so not as if I was a teenager!!). So, not only must I look better, after going gluten free and not having digestive issues anymore, I feel better 🙂 Can’t thank you enough 🙂"

Jennifer C.



"Dr Smith’s lactoferrin is quite amazing. There’s a reason studies are claiming it to be a miracle protein. My liver function has been way up since I began using it, and I have always had bowel issues throughout my life. It’s very strong, so I can only do a little at a time, but that also means every little bit counts that much more. I’ve never been so regular!"


- Lactoferrin

"I purchased a 90 count supply of lactoferrin earlier this year. I started slow and worked my way up to one capsule per day after 2 weeks. It really seemed to fix my gas/gut issues and helped me to become more regular. I could really tell it was causing an increase in bile being excreted the right way instead of the bile backing up into my blood. I plan to order more soon."


- Lactoferrin


"Just wanted to update on LF. A week ago I went up from half a 1/64 twice a day to a full 1/32 twice a day. The catarrh and swollen lymph nodes are gone and I just feel great. Totally energized, full of life and sleeping amazingly well. Another thing I noticed - I have had glossitis for several years. I realized recently that the bald patches were predominantly on the sides of my tongue which according to the Chinese tongue map corresponds to the liver. Well yesterday I noticed, it has healed! I think it is the LF, as I still had it the first few months of doing this diet, so it seems like a recent change."


- Keystone Minerals

“Keystone minerals is the perfect gateway drug into Dr. Smith's work! My brother is very skeptical of how I eat and still falls into our old habits of how we were raised. While visiting him, I gave him a spare bottle of the Keystone Minerals and his attitude completely changed within the next couple of days. He has been depressed and anxious and as a result very moody. These helped him almost instantly and every time I talk to him on the phone now he sounds very energetic and so happy! It even has him curious about more of what I've implemented.”


- Keystone Minerals



Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), also referred to as hair mineral analysis, is the process of scientifically analyzing hair for its content of various nutritional (good) and toxic (bad) minerals. Head hair – taken from the back of the head and/or upper neck – provides the most accurate and best researched samples for testing. In certain situations, axillary (armpit) or pubic hair can be used, however, this is inferior for several reasons (contact our office beforehand if you ever felt you needed to use any location other than the head for your hair sample). The hair sample is derived from the 1.5 inches (~4 cm) of hair closest to the skin (not the ends). It is then prepared in a licensed clinical laboratory through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures. ICP-Spectrometry testing is then performed to achieve the most accurate and precise results.

For those who are familiar with hair mineral analysis testing already, we use Trace Elements Inc. (TEI) exclusively as our hair testing laboratory. This is for two main reasons. They do not “wash” the hair with certain solvent chemicals that negatively affect the mineral levels in the hair sample, primarily sodium and potassium. They test more minerals than Analytical Research Labs (ARL). Some useful minerals not tested by ARL that are tested by TEI include boron, uranium, and sulfur.


Hair mineral analysis results are provided to our clients electronically (password- protected PDF), along with my treatment recommendations. One weakness of hair mineral analysis results is that the hair sample itself can be externally contaminated with minerals, similarly to how blood tests can be greatly impacted by mild dehydration. A sampling of hair contamination possibilities includes:

—Calcium contamination can come from hard water used in bathing.

—Low hair calcium can show up from using vinegar (acids) on the hair.

—Magnesium contamination can come from magnesium baths (Epsom salts, magnesium chloride flakes).

—Sodium contamination can come from softened water used in bathing.

—There are others, and these are discussed with a client during a consult and taught in my seminars.

Because it is the results of the hair mineral analysis that determine the interpretation and treatment, I consider it of utmost importance to recognize contamination and modify treatment accordingly. Many hair mineral analysis practitioners assume the test is always correct (many doctors do this with blood tests as well) and do not regularly look for contamination. This results in them incorrectly addressing their clients true needs based on mineral levels.
I have always strived to recognize these external effects and figure out how to treat a person properly even when the test results are not accurate.