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Nutrition Detective Testimonial-Infertility Corrected

Here are a few of the many testimonials from our Love Your Liver program family. They were suffering from chronic diseases (as many of us are) and are improving.  It is so nice that they took the time to share their insights with us, in turn helping us learn, progress, and grow our program!

"Prudence and I would like to “publicly” thank Dr. Garrett Smith for remedying our 2.5-year case of infertility. He’s done an amazing job at fixing the root of the issue. He continues to have this kind of success with countless other couples, and we’re super thankful for the extra support he gave us throughout the whole process. Before getting on to Garrett, we had tried heavy progesterone therapy, coupled with charting, for quite some time (which has a 70% success rate). We also tried a couple of other natural remedies (wild yam cream, superfoods) but nothing seemed to work. By a series of random events, I ended up buying a book written by Dr. Garrett Smith and Matt Stone called “Solving the Paleo Equation”. I was enthralled by what they had to say, laying down all the foundations of no-BS health. So I wrote an email to Garrett asking if he’d have anything for us to try with our infertility. He responded in the affirmative, saying that our infertility was most likely due to a nutrition problem. So we both went ahead with Garrett’s recommendation, an assessment of our internal minerals through a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). We then received from him a comprehensive mineral treatment program tailor-made for each of us, along with a 1-hour Skype consultation. After minerals, vitamins and whole-food supplements were ordered, we began replenishing our bodies from the ground up. Six months in, and, thanks be to God, we conceived our first child! All the multifaceted efforts paid off immensely (and our bodies are feeling constantly energized and de-stressed as a nice side effect). We absolutely recommend Dr. Garrett to anyone needed help in the area of fertility, or any area of health for that matter. It’s truly amazing what the body can do once it’s given what it needs….little Louis is certainly enjoying life."-R.V.