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Nutrition Detective Testimonial-Infertility Corrected Part Two

Here are a few of the many testimonials from our Love Your Liver program family. They were suffering from chronic diseases (as many of us are) and are improving.  It is so nice that they took the time to share their insights with us, in turn helping us learn, progress, and grow our program!

"I’ve been Dr. Smith’s client since January of 2014, so my testimonial is long overdue! When I started with him I had been bopping around, following Internet health fads for a number of years and I was looking for a program that would make me healthy for the long haul, not a fad that made me feel good for a while, followed by an inevitable crash. I was mostly looking to increase my energy and sleep better, to start. During my first consult I mentioned to Dr. Smith that my husband and I had been struggling with unexplained infertility for the past 4+ years, and he warned me that a “side effect” of his HTMA program could be pregnancy, as he had seen this happen with other clients. Sure enough, after 8 months of following his program I discovered I was pregnant! Keep in mind this was after nearly 5 years of following both natural and conventional methods to overcome infertility, without success. I have no doubt it was Dr. Smith’s program that provided my body with the right balance of minerals to allow my body to be healthy enough to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby.
Fast forward 15 months postpartum, I had continued to follow Dr. Smith’s program. Much to our surprise, my husband and I discovered we were expecting again. We hadn’t really even been thinking about that possibility given our previous struggles, so be warned, that is how well Dr. Smith’s program works! Clearly I have him to thank for my two little miracles.
I am currently 9 months postpartum after giving birth to my second child. Honestly, up until recently I had yet to notice any improvements in my energy and sleep, but I had faith and proof that the HTMA program was making positive improvements to my health given the changes in my HTMA results and my ability to conceive and carry two children. At around 5 months postpartum I did an iron overload consult with Dr. Smith and a couple months after following the iron overload suggestions combined with his HTMA suggestions I am finally feeling an increase in my energy and I am sleeping better. It’s so wonderful to have this energy to keep up with my kids. I am only expecting to continue to see improvements as I carry on with this program.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their health. Dr. Smith makes it very easy to follow with streamlined treatment plans and detailed client handouts. If you follow his supplement suggestions and make a few changes to your diet, you will be feeling great in no time. One of the things I love most is that it is simply providing your body with the minerals and vitamins to do what it needs to do to work optimally. It’s not forcing your body to do anything it doesn’t want to.-R.V.