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The research on Sunfiber (PHGG in the research) shows it can help with multiple things:

The following are suggestions on how to introduce the Nutrition Detective Organic SunFiber in the FIRST TWO WEEKS:

  • Take only a PINCH per day (you can “pinch” it with your fingers or use our fractional teaspoons to measure)
    • It is OK if you are sensitive and want to start with even LESS 
  • This can be mixed in food or any drink. You won’t notice it. It does NOT “gel” or thicken (like say, psyllium does)
  • You can take it all at once OR spread it out through the day in a bottle of water (this 2nd option is better for sensitive types)
  • Do NOT go over this dose for the first 2 weeks. This is to allow your gut biome to adjust
  • Do NOT change anything you were doing to help your pooping
  • Do NOT increase or change other things during this 2 weeks

Sunfiber/PHGG will start changing your gut biome. This is why we start slowly! You will likely notice some gut-related symptoms. This is NORMAL and OK…just don’t push it if you really don’t feel good! 

If your bowel habits do shift around, examples include:

  • Increased gas (may smell or may not smell at all)
  • Burping
  • Temporary bloating OR previous bloating/distension may go down quickly
  • If you tend towards constipation, your bowels may get a bit loose
  • If you tend towards loose bowels, you may get a little constipated

You are not having a negative reaction if any of the above happen! Your gut biome is merely re-organizing itself. That said, if you need to take a break for a day or 3, go ahead, whatever comes up will pass. Then, resume the process until you have taken 14 total days of a “pinch”.

Once you are past the first two weeks, then you can:

  • Stay at a pinch if it seems to be working well enough,
    • OR Go up as slowly as you like (best for sensitive types), 
    • OR try going up by ¼ scoop per week (for “normal” type reactors)
    • OR just go whole-hog and jump up to a scoop (never forget though, “if you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough!”)

“What is my optimal dose?”

  • The best dose (AFTER the 2 weeks of the “pinch”) is whatever helps you feel and poop better!
    • If a lower amount works best for you, don’t waste your money taking more than that! We always want the Minimal EFFECTIVE Dose
  • Some people have had good results with only a pinch
  • Most research is done on doses of 5-10 grams per day (our scoop provides 6.5 grams), so 1 serving per day fits this
  • It is not suggested to exceed 1 scoop, 2x/day

Now, go forth and poop better!