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The "Limescale and Rust" theory of disease, or how excess calcium accumulation and iron dysregulation / overload in the tissues is slowly ruining everyone's health!

This post (it will be very long, it will be scientific, it will require logical and open-minded thinking, and references will always be included) just may be the most important thing I ever do for humanity in my career.  The Table of Contents below will jump you to the various sections.  This will constantly be a work in progress, and I will post updates to my FaceBook pages and possibly to my email newsletter when I get around to that again.  See our Contact Page if you want to work with me or tell us something...I don't do comment sections, if it is worth anything it is worth an email. If it is worth a response, I may add it to this post (I generally don't post identifying info) or create another blogpost about it.  Some of the links may be affiliate links, and I might get something back if you buy using my link.  I only recommend things I have used and/or have received good feedback on.  If you want to catch up on the way I look at things, then you'll want to look at the entirety of my FaceBook Notes