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Magnesium Depleted By Vitamin A

If you look on the interwebz, it is obvious that there is an epidemic of magnesium deficiency going on. Is it simply soil depletion and stress, as so many claim, or is there a much more powerful root cause effect at play here?

Is there an epidemic of Vitamin A toxicity going on currently? Yes, see my video here for that evidence.

Before one looks at the upcoming quote and says something to the effect of: "But that's retinoic acid, that's not Vitamin A!" You must first be aware that retinoic acid (abbreviated RA) is considered to be the "active" form of Vitamin A, that nearly all forms of Vitamin A in the body eventually are turned into retinoic acids, and that there is NO proven difference in the research between natural and synthetic forms of Vitamin A. See my video here for that information (with full references).

In addition to the obvious depletion of intracellular magnesium, one must also note that retinoic acid (the so-called "active Vitamin A", actually the stuff that is the MOST POISONOUS) negatively affected the K/Na ratio (potassium/sodium ratio) and also decreased ATP & ADP (cellular energy production) by 30-40%!!!

Changes in magnesium content and subcellular distribution during retinoic acid-induced differentiation of HL60 cells.

Magnesium (Mg) is required for cellular proliferation; however, the differences in subcellular regulation of Mg between proliferating and differentiated cells has not been determined. We used electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) to investigate the subcellular distribution of Mg in HL60 cells (a promyelocytic leukemia cell line) before and after retinoic acid (RA)-induced differentiation. Most intracellular Mg is bound to ATP and the Mg-ATP complex regulates several metabolic enzymes. We also compared alterations in Mg content following differentiation with the changes in ATP and ADP levels. Using atomic absorption spectrophotometry, we observed a significant decrease (-20%) in cellular Mg content in RA-differentiated HL60 cells. To investigate which intracellular compartments were involved in these changes, we analyzed subcellular elemental composition in freeze-dried cryosections of rapidly frozen undifferentiated and differentiated HL60 cells by EPMA. Following differentiation of HL60 cells, we observed an 18% decrease in Mg content in both the cytoplasm (regions of the cell excluding mitochondria and nuclei) and mitochondria. There was also a significant (40%) decrease in cytoplasmic Ca content after RA-induced differentiation. Nuclear Mg concentration was not significantly different between differentiated and undifferentiated HL60 cells, although differentiation was accompanied by a 30% decrease in the nuclear K/Na ratio. After differentiation, cellular ATP and ADP content decreased by 31 and 40%, respectively. We conclude that during exit from the cell cycle, Mg redistributes within cells and that the decrease in cytoplasmic and mitochondrial Mg is accompanied by a decrease in ATP and ADP content.

  • A significant decrease (-20%) in CELLULAR MAGNESIUM CONTENT in RA-differentiated HL60 cells.
  • An 18% decrease in MAGNESIUM CONTENT in both the CYTOPLASM (regions of the CELL excluding mitochondria and nuclei) AND MITOCHONDRIA.
  • A 30% decrease in the nuclear Potassium/Sodium ratio (this means inside the cell nucleus). Those of you in the hair mineral analysis field should take careful note here.
  • Cellular ATP and ADP content decreased by 31 and 40%, respectively.

Maybe instead of obsessing about having to add so many different types and forms of magnesium to your day, you might consider avoiding the poison that is depleting it out of your cells and ruining your energy production all day every day. It's always more effective to remove the problems rather than try to add "band-aid solutions" over them.

I do recommend various forms of topical magnesium to people in my Vitamin A, Aldehydes, and Glyphosate Detox Program during the time we are getting the poisons out of their system. Those who wish to "test, not guess, then address" with me find that their types and doses of magnesium supplementation are very easily and straightforwardly addressed through working with me and getting the proper interpretation of their hair mineral analysis (we use blood tests for other things, the hair test is the best for magnesium as it relates to calcium in the body, so we look at both together).