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Glyphosate is Killing Your Pets -- Act Accordingly

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Glyphosate is killing your pets! Maybe you've noticed how sick dogs and cats are these days, and how vets generally have no good answer as to why?  I'll tell you why.  They are exposed to lots of glyphosate, just like us.  As you learn more on this website about "vitamin" A toxicity and then go look at typical dog or cat food, you'll quickly see that we are poisoning our animals to death with that too.  Put glyphosate and "vitamin” A together, you have our modern chronic disease epidemics.

Glyphosate Killing Your Pets

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Widespread occurrence of glyphosate in urine from pet dogs and cats in New York State, USA


  • Glyphosate and its derivatives were measured in dog and cat urine for the first time.
  • Glyphosate was found to be widespread in the urine of dogs and cats.
  • Glyphosate concentration in cat urine was 2-fold higher than that in dogs.
  • Exposure levels of glyphosate in dogs and cats were 2–4 orders of magnitude below the current ADI


Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States, which has led to its ubiquitous occurrence in food and water and regular detection in human urine at concentrations of 1–10 μg/L. Data pertaining to health risks arising from the ingestion of glyphosate are limited and are the subject of much debate, which demands the need for more exposure information for this herbicide. Very little is known about glyphosate exposure in pets. 

In this study, we determined concentrations of glyphosate (Glyp) and its derivatives, methyl glyphosate (Me-Glyp) and aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), in urine collected from 30 dogs and 30 cats from New York State, USA. Glyp was the most predominant compound found in pet urine followed by AMPA and Me-Glyp

The mean urinary concentration of ∑Glyp (sum of Glyp + Me-Glyp + AMPA) in cats (mean: 33.8 ± 46.7 ng/mL) was 2-fold higher than that in dogs (mean: 16.8 ± 24.4 ng/mL). Cumulative daily intakes (CDI) of Glyp in dogs and cats estimated from the urinary concentrations were, on average, 0.57 and 1.37 μg/kg bw/d, respectively. The exposure doses were two to four orders of magnitude below the current acceptable daily intake (ADI) suggested by several international health organizations for humans.

In my other article on glyphosate’s REAL patents, glyphosate is a:

  • Chelating / descaling agent (grabs minerals)
  • Herbicide (kills plants)
  • Anti-parasitic (kills parasites)
  • Biocide (kills living things in general)

Do you believe them when they tell you it ISN’T killing you and your pets?