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Vitamin A Detox

Poison/"Vitamin A" excreted/detoxed through feces, urine, sweat, saliva, tears and even the BREATH

The human body is using every single way it can to get rid of Poison/"Vitamin A". We put it in feces, saliva, tears and even our breath:

Carotenoid and retinoid metabolism: insights from isotope studies

Among the studies aimed at determining the yield of vitamin A from b-carotene, much of the administered carotene isotope is excreted within 48 h [16,54–58]. The main excretion route is through the feces, where 20–60% of the dose of labeled carotene appears [16,54–58]. Urinary excretion accounts for another 10–30%[16,55,56]. There is very little information about other routes of excretion, though these routes clearly exist [16]. For example, retinoids are excreted in the breath; where about 10% of the dose appears [16]. The extent to which retinoids are excreted in saliva, sweat or tears is unknown even though both retinoids and retinoid transport proteins are present in tears [60].

To answer the saliva question above, yes, we do put them in saliva.

Saliva concentrations of some selected proteins and glycoprotein markers in man after supplementary intake of beta-carotene.

In the present study we investigated the effect of supplementation with beta-carotene (provitamin A) on the secretion of salivary glycoproteins and some antibacterial components. Eighty-nine men, drawn from a larger double-blind pilot study among Finnish men of a high socio-economic standard, participated in this study which lasted for 60 days. The men were allocated either to beta-carotene supplementation of 20 mg a day or to placebo treatment. At the end of the study samples of stimulated whole and parotid saliva were collected and examined for total protein as well as hexosamine, sialic acid, thiocyanate and the activity of salivary peroxidase. The secretion rate of whole saliva was calculated and the activities of lysozyme, a bacteria aggregating glycoprotein (BAGP) and secretory IgA were measured in parotid saliva. Significantly higher levels of beta-carotene, but not retinol, were found in serum and whole saliva in the beta-carotene group compared to the placebo group. Retinol or beta-carotene could not be detected in parotid saliva. No difference was found either in saliva secretion rate or in the composition of whole or parotid saliva between the beta-carotene and the placebo group.

To answer the other question about the sweat, yes, we push them out through both the sweat and sebum.


maximum accumulation occurs in areas with an abundance of sweat glands, such as the nasolabial folds, palms, and soles. [...] Because carotene is excreted by sebaceous glands and is present in sweat, the yellow pigmentation is particularly noticeable in areas where sweating is marked.

There's not really any more ways left the body could try to get rid of this stuff...and still we are overloading the system.